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    How are you holding your valuable data? Each day companies lose millions due to outdated hard drive based backup technology.

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    CloudDip is backed by state-of-the-art data centers and backbone providers. Learn more about our network and storage infrastructure..

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    Upload any type of file! No individual file size limit! Sharing is easy! Any Device! 256-bit encryption, FREE iPhone App and more!

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    24x7 Support available online! Plus our FAQs and knowledgebase will help you when you need it!

Online Cloud Backup

We live in a digital world. All of your important information is already stored on a computer. Your business relies on the data stored on computer hard drives and possibly on remote dedicated servers. Cloud Storage not only eliminates the risk of data loss due to hard drive failures, it allows you to access and share your data from anywhere.

Generous to unlimited storage space, 99.9% uptime guarantee, the best security available in the market (256-bit AES military grade), easy content sharing features, fully redundant storage, and FREE iPhone App makes CloudDip the #1 choice for online backup and cloud storage needs among businesses and professional users!

CloudDip plans include backup and sharing of multiple devices/computers with NO additional costs.