About Cloud Dip Cloud Storage | CloudDip

CloudDip is one of the fastest growing Cloud Storage and Online backup provider in the world that is built specifically for business and enterprise users. CloudDip allows you to secure and share all your digital information easily.

we make sharing digital content easy!

We all live in a digital world. All of your important information is already stored digitally on a computer or mobile device. Your business relies on digital information. Cloud Storage allows you to access ALL your digital information using any internet enabled device! Whether it is photos, music and videos, OR critical business database, you can store and retrieve them in just few clicks, anytime (24x7x365), from anyhere in the world! CloudDip's powerful password-protected public sharing features makes it the #1 choice for sharing content with others!

we secure enterprise and business content!

Your business relies on the data stored on computer hard drives and possibly on remote and in-house dedicated servers. Cloud Storage not only eliminates the risk of data loss due to drive failures, it allows you store the data securely using our state-of-the-art "FAIL SAFE" fully redundant cloud storage systems. With 256-bit AES encryption on both data storage and transmission, CloudDip is built on one of the most secure algorithms available on the market today!

we make business collaboration better!

Email is getting older. Don't get us wrong - No one is going to pull the plug on this old grandma, but we are bringing you better ways to collaborate. Our Cloud Content Management platform allows you to share your business content easily within your corporate network, or with external team members and vendors! CloudDip system's shared virtual drive makes your content repository appears like a local drive and allows users to access them faster!