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Cloud Storage in Education – Replacing Flash Drives

Many Schools, universities and institutions of learning are adopting to the cloud based storage technology. The benefits of cost savings, increased productivity are enormous. Cloud Storage is no longer an early adoption state technology. It is already in the main stream.

We no longer live in a flash drive world. In fact flash drive is the floppy disk of the 21st century!

The following is an excerpt of the blog post from a Cloud blogger.

As I, and probably many of you, passed through the educational system, we relied on flash or thumb drives to save, transport, and print assignments that we had poured our hearts and souls into. The makers of those little devices do everything that they can to make us keep track of them… putting them on lanyards, keychains, and anything else you can imagine. In spite of these efforts, we would hear stories every semester about students who lost senior thesis papers, lab reports, and other incredibly valuable data because they had simply misplaced their drive. Many campuses literally have signs posted specifically about flash drive recovery.

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Cloud Storage can save the day!

People have a tendency to look at change with skepticism. Whenever new technology comes to the market, companies often tend to avoid adopting it. There are plenty of reasons for not doing so. However, the cost of waiting can be enormous. Once the new technology has reached a point, where it can be considered mature enough, you should actually look and do a cost benefit analysis to understand the impact on your organization.

Cloud computing, 4 or 5 years ago, was considered in its infancy. Now most of the Fortune 500 is rushing towards it. Cloud Storage which is a sub niche within, has always been the most mature offering out of cloud computing. Companies have started realizing the benefits of a fully redundant storage. The impact of data loss due to hard drive failures, or even losing important emails and enterprise content can cripple an organization.

Enterprise Cloud Storage


The cost of cloud storage have dropped dramatically over the last couple of years. Today you can get 2 TB (2 terrabytes or 2000 GB) for just under $300 per month. Cloud Dip offers enterprise cloud storage plans for as low as $5.95/m/user. Now, that is a bargain!

When you factor in the risk mitigation – Less reliance on internal data backups and systems, less reliance on hosting companies, less reliance on your IT infrastructure, you can see how cloud storage can save the day! Imagine your sales team or marketing folks can access your content from anywhere 24×7 without worrying about anything. All using 256-bit AES encryption! You could be looking at additional cost savings over traditional backup systems.

Go for it! Save your data! You cannot afford not to.

Cloud Storage Personal Edition Software available for download

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