Cloud Storage providers Price Comparison | CloudDip

Enterprise Cost Comparison Chart

The following chart shows how CloudDip compare with other cloud storage providers. This analysis show how CloudDip is cost effective when compared to others. Most major cloud storage companies are included in this analysis.

Analysis Metrics
In order to provide the most accurate comparison, typical data storage and usage scenario is considered. Approximately 2 Terabytes of storage with 500GB inbound data transfer and 100GB Outbound data transfer, which mimics a possible real world usage for an organization is being considered. In other words, for around 2TB of data being stored, the company has some 500GB inbound data transfer every month (assuming about 25% of data changes every month), and around 100GB worth of data retrieval per month (average use). Unlike CloudDip (which offers FREE inbound bandwidth on all plans), many providers charge seperately for bandwidth and HTTP Put and Get requests. So, even if you change the inbound bandwidth to couple of terrabytes, CloudDip costs will remain the same, but many of the other providers' will jump drastically!

Key Points Comparison (Small Businesses and Power Users)

The following chart shows some of the key points you should consider while choosing a cloud storage provider. You can clearly see CloudDip topples others easily! There is NO one size fits all. We have several plans depending on your individual storage needs. Even our competitors mentioned in this page are great in certain aspects (for instance, if your primary need is full-text search on your file store, then you may need, but when you take the overall scalability, realiability, security, key features like public sharing, and sheer "storage-cost to volume" ratio, you will find CloudDip the ideal choice!