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Prevent Data Loss

According to Wikipedia, Data loss refers to the unforeseen loss of data or information. The reality is that data loss most certainly comes at a time when you least expect it. Loss of important data and digital assets occur due to a variety of factors including hard-drive failures, theft, corrupt devices, etc. Unfortunately the problem of partial and/or full data loss is widespread and often companies "react" to it spending tens of thousands of dollars in recovery costs. In some cases loss of important customer information can permanently damage brand reputation and image, and even incur expensive legal troubles.

The key to preventing data loss is being "proactive" and securing your data and take necessary steps to backup on a regular basis.

Laptop Data Loss

Laptops are compact and often use components that can easily overheat and suffer hard-drive failures making sensitive digital information and data stored on them vulnerable. In addition laptops and portable notebooks are dropped frequently, lost or stolen from cars, airports, and even from offices. Unsecured wi-fi network connections on laptops make your data vulnerable to viruses and hackers.

Some Key Facts

The following are some key statistics:

  • $17.8 billion in data loss cost for US Businesses in 2003
  • 1 out of 14 laptops are stolen
  • 4 million data records compromised or lost due to data breach
  • $6.4 million in total laptop theft loses
  • No.2 cause of overall PC loss is theft
  • 97% of stolen computers never recovered
  • 80% of computer crimes by "inside jobs" by disgruntled employees
  • Less than 5% of laptops are backed up

The following chart shows the worldwide dataloss as reported by the DataLossDB / Open Security Foundation.

The following chart shows the number of reported incidents of data loss since 2002.

Cloud Storage Solution

Cloud Storage is Secure

Cloud Storage is probably more secure than your desktop computers and corporate laptops. When you want to secure critical information, you can turn to Cloud Storage. Cloud Dip cloud storage solutions are highly secure. We utilize secure 256-bit SSL during data transmission and utilize 256-bit AES (military grade) encryption on the storage, making it virtually impossible to break.

Cloud Storage is Scalable and Redundant

Cloud storage is inherently elastic. Cloud storage can grow by simply adding nodes (computers/hard-drives to the RAID controller or grid), without requiring data migration due to "running out of space" on a hard-drive, eventually making it massively scalable. Plus, cloud storage is redundant - meaning data is replicated on more than one hard-drive and sometimes on multiple data centers, so your data never gets lost or corrupt.

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