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Financial Services

CloudDip brings cloud storage solutions to various financial services firms, making it easy for them to share highly sentitive information in a secure way! There is probably no other industry that deals with such high volume of sensitive digital information that need to be securly saved/backed up, and easily accessed and shared with different clients.

Whether you are dealing with large files, loan documents, or super-secret financial information that are too confidential to share via email, you no longer need to be limited by technology. Now you can have the same secure environment (256-bit AES military grade), trusted by NSA (National Security Agency) and the Pentagon, help you store your sensitve accounting and financial documents. With storage options and plans ranging from 100GB to 2TB (terra bytes), you are not limited by space. Your organization can continue to grow and all your data can be backed up easily in our scalable cloud storage platform.

CloudDip cloud storage platform allows you to share confidential financial documents easily with others in your firm, and your clients with simple password-protected private URLs, that you can generate with one-click! Cloud Storage is the most secure, and easiest to solve many of the problems faced by the financial services industry!

Better Value and Efficiency

  • Instant access to all your confidential data and documents electronically
  • Instant access to unlimited number of large-size files to multiple people at the same time.
  • Access from any mobile device connected to the internet (like iPods, iPads)
  • Backup all your information and access from any device, anywhere

Many financial services firms are moving to cloud based storage technology. Are you ready?

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