Data Center and Redundant Network for Cloud Storage | CloudDip

We are the kind who backup the backup!

Ok, there you go! We said it. One could never be sure. That is our philosophy.

It also translates into our choice of providers. We have partnered with two of the best hosting infrastructure providers in the USA. One is not enough for us. Our Cloud Storage is backed by multiple data centers directly connected to the fibre optic backbone (bandwidth providers). Our cloud storage platform is fully redundant, so both us, and our clients can have peace of mind - night or day!

Leveraging over a decade of data center experience from two of the industry leaders (SoftLayer and RackSapce), CloudDip has built a cloud storage platform that offers highly secure and best-in-class enterprise-ready cloud storage capabilities for businesses and power users at an affordable price!

Our Multi-user enterprise storage packages offer the option of leveraging Amazon S3 cloud, known for its realiability. CloudDip has partnered with some of the best in the cloud computing industry! Our End Goal: Provide business users with a powerful cloud storage platform, that is realiable, state-of-the-art and packed with simplicity and ease-of-use!