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Cloud Storage 101

What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud Storage is an online service that allows you to store all your digital content securely and easily. If you are a beginner, you might wonder if something is in the cloud up in the sky. Actually No. It is simply the term used from cloud computing, where your ability to access (synonymous to seeing a cloud in the sky), from anywhere. Cloud Storage allows you to access all your information from any internet enabled device.

Why Do I need Cloud Storage?

There are many reasons. Traditional hard drives are not portable. They tend to fail over time. Your digital information is not easily accessible everywhere. You cannot carry your desktop computer everywhere. Sharing is not easy. If it is a single file or couple of pictures, you can email them. But when you need to share more files, large files, email gets slow and unpredictive. Plus, Flash drives are becoming the floppy disks of the 21st century. (Read blog post) It is becoming obsolete and prone to getting lost or misplaced. The storage capacity of flash/pen drives are limited. Cloud Storage Technology brings a better collobrative environment, reduce costs and improve efficiency for many businesses. It helps individuals backup and access all their content easily.

Cloud Storage is Secure

Cloud Storage is probably more secure than your desktop computers and corporate laptops. When you want to secure critical information, you can turn to Cloud Storage. Cloud Dip cloud storage solutions are highly secure. We utilize secure 256-bit SSL during data transmission and utilize 256-bit AES (military grade) encryption on the storage, making it virtually impossible to break.

Cloud Storage is Scalable and Redundant

Cloud storage is inherently elastic. Cloud storage can grow by simply adding nodes (computers/hard-drives to the RAID controller or grid), without requiring data migration due to "running out of space" on a hard-drive, eventually making it massively scalable. Plus, cloud storage is redundant - meaning data is replicated on more than one hard-drive and sometimes on multiple data centers, so your data never gets lost or corrupt.

Key Cloud Storage Features

Imagine you can enjoy all of the following:

  • Powerful sharing features to easily share photos, videos, music, business files, school homework,etc.
  • No more lost thumb drives and computer hard drive failures
  • Access to your content using any device (like iPods, iPads) from any location
  • Collobrate easily with others
  • Share selectively by publishing private URLs
  • Easy backup of your ever-growing digital content
  • If you are a business, reduce storage costs and ensure regulatory compliance
  • Backup your blog or website in few clicks

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